Studies Show Saffron Reverses Vision Loss— With a 2 Line Improvement on the Eye Chart

The results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on saffron conducted in Italy are particularly astounding.

In this study, researchers gave participants with macular concerns 20 mg of a saffron extract daily and performed tests to measure how well their retinal cells responded to light stimulation. Remarkably, researchers saw dramatically improved retinal function in those taking the saffron.[9]

One of the lead researchers, Professor Silvia Bisti, described the results as a breakthrough, with study participants showing significant vision improvements within just three months of starting to take saffron daily.[10]

“All patients experienced improvements in their vision while taking the saffron pill,” Professor Bisti reported.*

The results of this initial breakthrough study were confirmed in a longer-term follow-up study, in which participants with early macular concerns took 20 mg of a saffron extract daily for 15 months and were evaluated every 90 days.[2]

After just 3 months, visual acuity measures on the Snellen chart—the standard optical chart used to assess vision sharpness at a distance—improved by a remarkable two lines compared to baseline values!*

Participants also reported improvements in contrast and color perception, reading ability, vision in low light conditions and overall improvement in quality of life