Bold Writer Pen

Product Features:
Easy-to-See and read with incredibly vivid, high-visibility, black ink
Quick-Drying - NO smudges and doesn't bleed through paper
Bold point produces highly legible line width - ideal for low vision and visually impaired
Easy-to-grip design - great for seniors and those with dexterity issues
Superior Quality - Made in the USA

The Bold Writer Pen is a notably smooth writer that creates EASY-TO-SEE and READ, highly-visible, crisp, bold, black lines, making it ideal for the visually impaired and those with low vision.

The Bold Writer Pen doesn't smudge or bleed through most paper. It's just what you need for large-print calendar appointment entries, making labels, writing notes, shopping lists, and more. The cap has a handy clip, convenient for shirt pockets or to attach to paperwork.


Price: $1.95

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