Optelec ClearView+ Advanced Feature Pack

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Depending on your eye condition, certain text and background color combinations allow for ease of reading. The Feature Pack enables you to choose between 16 color combinations. The red dot position locator helps you locate your place on the page quickly and easily. Added benefits include an adjustable window blind and line marker allowing you to ignore any distraction from other type on a page and focus on the line you are currently reading. Additionally, the Advanced Feature Pack has Split-screen functionality, Picture-in-Picture capability and an external PC Switch option.

Features include:

  • Position locator and find function
  • 16 selectable color combinations
  • Line Marker / Window Blinds
  • Split Screen functionality (with the 22″ widescreen display and color system only)
  • PC switch & Picture-in-Picture (with advanced PC system only)

Price: $150.00

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